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The Foundations Mission is Devoted To The Advancement of:

  • The Arts

  • Environmental, Marine and Wildlife  Education & Preservation

  • Teenage Entrepreneurship

  • Boating Safety Education

Federico Uribe: "Plastic Reef" at Loggerhead Marinelife Center


Presented by The Perry J. Cohen Foundation + Adelson Galleries
January 9 - June 9, 2024




Visit The Perry J. Cohen
Wetlands Laboratory at
Jupiter High School

About Us







Perry Cohen is a 14-year-old boy who went missing at sea on July 24, 2015.  He was last seen leaving the Jupiter, Florida inlet on his good friend's boat.  The United States Coast Guard (USCG) conducted one of the largest Search and Rescue (SAR) missions in modern day history to find Perry and his friend.  After an exhaustive eight-day, 55,000 square nautical mile search, the United States Coast Guard (USCG) suspended their efforts at sunset on July 31, 2015.


Perry always had an insatiable affection for life, family, friends, art, sports, animals and the ocean. His love and passion for fishing, diving, boating and swimming defined his physical existence and created the kindest, caring, most peaceful and generous persona. Perry’s existence, laughter and kind-ways were infectious to those that knew him both intimately or casually. He was the kindest and most loving son, grandson, cousin, nephew and friend. He marveled at the natural beauty of sunsets and art and was always incredibly thoughtful and caring towards all of nature and mankind. Perry’s goal was to ultimately use his creative entrepreneurial spirit and love of nature and unify them for a career in the Marine/Environmental Science and Oceanography Fields as he was in awe with the beauty of the sea and marine-life.

About Us

PJCF Mission

The Perry J. Cohen Foundation (PJCF) is a non- for- profit 501(c)(3), established by Perry’s mother, Pamela Cohen, and his stepfather, Nicholas Korniloff.  The Foundation was created to carry on Perry's legacy and support what he was most passionate about. The PJCF is devoted to the advancement of:

  • The Arts

  • Environmental, Marine & Wildlife Education and Preservation

  • Teenage Entrepreneurship

  • Boating Safety Education

The Arts: One of the four pillars of the foundation is to support one of Perry’s greatest passions and loves “The Arts”, the PJCF works to raise funds that will support creative programing of the ARTS ( the process of human creativity) for young talented individuals through its relationships with non for profit , private and public cultural, educational and art institutions.

Environmental, Marine & Wildlife Education and Preservation: Because of Perry’s deep love for the sea, a highlight of the foundation’s work is the Perry J. Cohen Wetlands Laboratory At Jupiter High School and its annual continuing education scholarship program that will recognize deserving students who plan to further their education in the Marine Science and Marine Wildlife fields, as well as the preservation of our coastlines.

Teenage Entrepreneurship: Perry possessed a strong entrepreneurial spirit and loved to help others. His natural entrepreneurial instincts were evident as a young child when at six years old he started his own car washing and detailing business in his neighborhood creating marketing tools and securing dozens of clients, he later worked in the local tackle shop. He enjoyed working various jobs within his parents business and was filled with many creative ideas. In this spirit, PJCF will honor Perry’s legacy of creativity and hard work and support students with similar interests and skills.

Boating Safety Education: PJCF is creating awareness and education for all individuals around the safe enjoyment of recreational boating, fishing, and water sports.  The goal of the foundation is to facilitate a deeper connection between America’s youth and proper boating safety standards.  Through interactive education and enhanced safety awareness, the foundation will seek to empower youth to take a preemptive lifesaving approach to boater safety:  to instill smart decision-making skills that will last a lifetime. The PJCF has funded and educated over 1,500 individuals through the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary. The foundation will also seek to continue to provide financial assistance to future SAR efforts for others lost at sea.

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